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Defending Network Infrastructure Against Attack

How to keep your client networks secure from cybercrime

Auvik Ebook: Defending Network Infrastructure

Your clients are counting on you to keep their networks running smoothly—but are you doing your job to keep them secure, too? The good news is, it’s not that hard (or expensive!) to mount a pretty solid network defense. All you need is an understanding of the basics and a commitment to implementing them consistently to be well on your way to keeping criminal activity out of your client networks.

In this free cybersecurity ebook by network engineer and security expert Kevin Dooley, you’ll learn:

The top four network threats targeting your clients today—and how to stop them before they become a problem
A simple trick for staying ahead of evolving malware threats
Practical tools that will help you keep the door closed on inbound attacks
The way your client networks may be secretly sharing their data with hackers
How your traditional anti-virus system may be letting you down
And how to unite your network defenses in the fight for cybersecurity