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Auvik has been named a Leader product based on having high customer satisfaction
scores compared to the rest of the category. Here’s what your peers are saying on G2:

Auvik helps network management immensely

G2 Badge - Leader, Winter 2022

“Automatic, intelligent network scanning that easily displays the links between devices. Especially useful when monitoring other incidental network connected devices such as printers and UPS.”

- Erik S

Auvik is a great tool for staying on top of your Infrastructure

G2 Badge - Leader, Mid-Market, Winter 2022

“Auvik is incredibly robust and customizable, I can track anything I'd like on my network and get useful notifications.”

- David G

Auvik - Our Most Utilized Tool

G2 Badge - Leader, Fall 2021

“Ease of integration, thorough and insightful information at a glance. Also allows the ability to search out devices easily throughout a complex environment.”

- Bryce H. | Network Admin (Mid-Market)

Auvik allows for easy network management and monitoring with good support.

G2 Badge - Leader, Spring 2021

“Easy to use GUI. The automatic saving of network device configurations. The API integrations. The amount of customization in alerts. The automated network map and labeling of ports used. The support has been very helpful in diagnosing monitoring issues as well. Chat support is easy to use. Response times are typically quick.”

- Administrator in Information Technology and Services

Greatest Network Monitoring Software - Hands Down!

G2 Badge - Leader, Spring 2021

“Greatest Network Monitoring Software - Hands Down! Auvik provides easy deployment, management, and confident monitoring. They’re constantly enhancing the platform to increase security, usability, and functionality. Auvik’s service is amazing’ never have I had such amazing support experiences. Quick, friendly, professional.”

- Matt K.

I LOVE Auvik. As far as I'm concerned, it has already paid for itself.

G2 Badge - Users Most Likely To Recommend, Fall 2020

"The config backup feature, 2 factor authentication, dynamic topology mapping, VLAN, VPN, MPLS tunnel visualization. What's not to love? It saves me hours of work weekly."

- Administrator in Information Technology and Services

Auvik has saved us so much time.

G2 Badge - High Performer, Fall 2020

"My favorite part of Auvik is backups of network equipment. But, the automatic network mapping has been a huge time saver. Auvik alerts keep us in the know about virtual machines, network devices and even windows servers."

- Brad M.

Auvik Is Flat-Out Critical For Efficient and Effective IT Operations.

G2 Badge - High Performer, Fall 2020

“There is no single feature that I like best in Auvik - because EVERY single feature is unbelievably helpful. The ability to receive notifications about network events, easily sorting through logical and physical network maps, backing up and comparing highlighted changes between router and switch configurations, immediate identification of what switch ports cables are plugged into—the list goes on and on.”

- Travis H.

Best network mapping / tool ever!

G2 Badge - Users Most Likely To Recommend, Fall 2020

“Port mapping for net devices, when having issues with a known device or even finding a device that is rogue on the network. Auvik has proven to be super helpful in tracking these down. Backups are probably the second biggest part I like, being able to pull up side by side configs and compare changes have helped solve many problems, with the click of a button we can re-push configs. Third best would be analyzing traffic and being able to catch broadcast issues and narrowing them down to specific ports and devices.”

- Edward J.

Watch Overview

What you’ll get with Auvik’s cloud-based
network monitoring & management software

Real-time network
mapping & inventory

Automated config backup &
restore on network devices

Deep network
traffic insights

Secure remote access
to network devices

Automated network
monitoring & alerting

Centralized syslog &
powerful troubleshooting

Vendor-neutral with
support for 15K+ devices

Free support—call or email
as often as you need

Integrates with the systems you use every day

These are just a few of the 20+ integrations on our ever-growing list.

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