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Our Prospect, Pitch & Sell kit features multiple tools to help you save time, stand out, and show the right prospects the power of network management:


Nanook’s Step-by-Step Guide: How to Prospect, Pitch & Sell Managed Network Services with Auvik

Get end-to-end marketing and sales tips—from prospecting to closing the deal—so you can develop specific strategies and tactics for selling managed network services with Auvik.


Ebook: How to Slam Dunk a Network Assessment with Auvik

Learn how to conduct an effective network assessment with Auvik in 12 easy steps.


Sample Email & Phone Scripts To Wow Your Prospects.

Make your first touch easier and more effective with 8 sample scripts (4 email, 4 phone) targeting common prospect types, plus tips to measure and improve success rates.


Template: Help Prospects Understand Your Network Assessment

Easily detail your network assessment findings for clients and outline your recommendations in our customizable report template.

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“When pitching for new business, Auvik enables us to easily highlight the depth of our service. The interface, topology maps, and reporting functionality never fail to impress prospects. Once we get that far, we expect to win the account.”

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