See a Complete Network Map—in Minutes!

Give manual Visio diagrams the boot. Auvik’s automated network mapping gives you a complete picture of any IT environment almost instantly.

detail view of Auvik network monitoring software


See exactly what’s on the network, where it is, and how it’s connected—with secure remote access and no manual effort.

detail view of Auvik network monitoring software


Watch the network map change in real-time as devices join and leave the network. You’ll never be caught by surprise again!

detail view of Auvik network monitoring software


Filter and search the network map for specific devices. Click on any device for full inventory details and stats. It’s all at your fingertips.

See how Auvik’s network map can help your team gain true network visibility and control

Auvik’s cloud-based network management software...

... Made our lives much easier

“We first bought Auvik to use for simple network topology and address management. But it has become a much more useful tool as we continue to use it. The ease of documentation, troubleshooting and device management has made our lives much easier.”

Will L., PNC IT

... Would HIGHLY recommend

“Auvik gives us the inside information we've always wanted and integrates with our favorite tools to send us alerts and create tickets. You'll be surprised at the network bottlenecks you had no idea about once this starts pumping out alerts. Excellent.”

Matthew W., DBKInnovative

… Finds hidden devices that could be a risk

“We’re able to see a switch that might be hidden in a wall or closet that we didn’t know about. Before Auvik, it was a manual search process.”

Ryan C., Network Doctor

… It does what it says it will do

“It paid for itself within the first month of implementation as it helped identify issues that could have taken days to troubleshoot”

Dwayne L., Shield Watch

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