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One month free trial of SKOUT’s Core Security Bundle

SKOUT’s Core Security Bundle

Business Email Compromise (BEC) and ransomware are the top two threats that MSPs and SMBs are facing in today’s cyber landscape. To enable MSPs to respond rapidly, SKOUT has designed a package specifically for companies to protect their emails and endpoints. Each product is backed by our 24x7x365 Security Operations Center and extensive technical and go-to-market support.

What’s Included:

SKOUT Email Protection
SKOUT Email Protection is a cloud-based email security product that detects business email compromise, spam, and phishing type emails and attacks. The product catches malicious emails using computer vision, AI, and machine learning. SKOUT Email Protection is fully managed and provides you with the option to either inform your users of suspicious or malicious emails through an HTML banner or block them with quarantine features. Driven, curious, mobile, and growing smarter by the subject line, SKOUT Email Protection adds an important layer of protection to your inbox.

SKOUT Endpoint Protection
SKOUT Endpoint Protection is endpoint-based malware detection and response (MDR) solution that detects and stops malicious files and processes (known as malware or ransomware) on Windows, Mac or Linux devices. Unlike traditional signature based antivirus, the product uses machine learning models to detect zero-day malware as well as known variants, fileless, script-based memory, and external device-based attacks. It is backed by the SKOUT Security Operations Center to continuously monitor for major infections and to identify infection sources.


  • Available to MSPs worldwide.
  • Can be used internally or on a client.
  • Includes 10 users of each product free for 30 days.
  • Instructions on how to claim this gift will be emailed to you on July 31.

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