Get the visibility you need to troubleshoot network issues—fast.

Auvik TrafficInsights combines NetFlow and machine learning to give you unrivaled insight into network traffic. It helps you stay ahead of network issues, all without leaving your Auvik dashboard.

The next time someone calls to complain about network slowness, you'll see everything you need to know, including:




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Hear how TrafficInsights has helped other IT teams get better visibility into the networks they manage…

“One of our customers was experiencing network performance issues and TrafficInsights showed us exactly what was causing the issue. It turned out the firewall was being taxed by storage traffic. We moved this traffic off the device and instantly improved connectivity.”

Patrick Garman
Patrick Garman
Subject Matter Expert, Network Solutions at WBM Technologies Inc.

“I was able to locate a device that was communicating with China for no reason. I was extremely impressed with how quickly I could find what I was looking for, and we resolved the issue by adding a geo-restriction rule to the firewall. Best NetFlow data interface I’ve used so far.”

Adam Peterson
Adam Peterson
Owner of Real IT Solutions

“We were able to identify traffic from an application that would have caused over usage of a circuit and ultimately our cloud services production. TrafficInsights gave us the visibility we needed to shape the traffic and avoid a service issue.”