Easy, efficient, and scalable network management

With Auvik, it’s at your fingertips.

Auvik saves you loads of time, money, and headaches with automated network discovery, documentation, monitoring, and config backups.

The best part? Remote access means you won’t even need to leave your seat to do it.

Auvik screenshot, network Infrastructure RMM
  • Instantly see everything on the network, across all sites, in a single dashboard—to know exactly what you’re dealing with.
  • Proactively manage & monitor multi-vendor network gear—to catch issues before they affect the business.
  • Quickly identify & troubleshoot what’s causing network issues—to shorten time to resolution.
  • Automatically back up configs every time there’s a change, & instantly restore—to easily bring things back to the way they were.

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Integrates seamlessly with:

ConnectWise Manage
ConnectWise Automate
Microsoft Teams
Slack Manage
ConnectWise Automate
ConnectWise Automate