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In the 2018 Managing Network Diversity Report, Auvik discovered that managed service providers (MSPs), who manage anywhere from a handful of client networks to more than 100, face a big challenge: There’s high diversity in the network hardware they operate.

In this 2019 edition of the report, we’ve set out to determine if network device diversity has increased or decreased after one year. Looking at the same four categories of managed network devices—access points, switches, routers, and firewalls—deployed across MSP-managed networks, our data reveals a more crowded and fragmented market than before.

More than 50 vendors compete in each device category, with one category including 124 vendors. Fragmentation increases at the smaller end of the categories, as dozens of vendors compete for between 5% and 18% of the share in each.

Cisco continues to dominate as the most commonly deployed vendor on today’s MSP-managed networks, but its share is declining. However, Cisco-owned Meraki is gaining network share and, when combined, Cisco devices still make up close to 33% of the hardware deployed on all networks. Switch vendor HP, who also owns access point vendor Aruba, is the second most commonly deployed network vendor, with just over 18% of devices.

The top nine most commonly deployed vendors claim around 80% of all networks among them, leaving hundreds of smaller vendors to fight over what’s left.

Most MSPs—over 70%—manage four or more network vendors for their clients. As an MSP grows, so does the number of vendors under management, with many medium MSPs managing seven or more vendors, and large MSPs managing 10 or more. These findings are consistent with last year’s report.

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Most Commonly Deployed Switch Vendors on networks managed by MSPs

Among the four types of network devices, switches remain the most crowded category with a whopping 124 vendors represented. Despite the large number of vendors, the category is top heavy: The top nine switch vendors account for 93.4% of switches, and Cisco and HP own 64.9%.

While Cisco’s lead over HP is shrinking, the company holds onto first place for another year. With Cisco-owned Meraki being the sixth most commonly deployed switch vendor, Cisco takes a total 39.2% share of network switches and a much larger lead over HP.


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